Proactive maintenance is key to keeping a fleet of trailers DOT compliant and operating. It’s essential any service that is required, is done on-schedule, by a professional team that knows your Trailers and how best to get you back to operating. Truck Service Depot is your best Metro Atlanta and Savannah GA source for Trailer: Preventative Maintenance (PM’s), Brakes, Wiring and major Repairs. We are proud to offer a team of professional technicians, who know how to fix everything from a roll up door, a corner cap, and up to an entire panel or new roof. Preventative maintenance is an investment in the health of your entire fleet of Trailers and Trucks. Performing all regular inspections and service calls is essential to preventing unanticipated downtime, keeping your repair costs down and extending the life of your Trailers and trucks. Truck Service Depot is your one stop shop for all necessary service to Trucks, Trailers, Light and Heavy Equipment.

Available Truck & Trailer Services

Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete overhaul of a major component, Truck Service Depot performs all work to the highest standards possible. We offer everything from hydraulic rebuilds and repairs, diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning, cylinder inspections and honing, motor and powertrain replacements, and more. Our professional team of technicians are fully qualified to service your company’s entire lineup of trucks, trailers and equipment.


It’s our mission at Truck Service Depot to keep you operating! We do this by completing services and repairs to your trucks and trailers correctly, the first time, and as quickly as possible. It’s our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to complete an initial inspection and provide a diagnosis within 24 hours on all trucks and trailers. Then, get to work immediately to complete those services or repairs!

Experienced Truck Service Professionals

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